Panneaux composites aluminium pour l’impression digitale et VISCOM

The RedBOND panels support the prevention of COVID-19

In recent months, on the occasion of the COVID-19, we have had to adapt to a completely new environment that has drastically changed people’s mobility and habits. Now, more than ever, maintaining health and safety measures is essential to prevent the spread of the virus. Correct signage and reminding of them is crucial, especially in public and work spaces.


RedBOND aluminium composite panels are a perfect support to signal new entrances and exits to avoid crowding, as well as to remember all the indications to prevent COVID: safety distance, use of the mask, frequent hand washing and use of hydroalcoholic gels among others.


Customize your designs, make them attractive, get the attention and keep the company’s corporate colours. Print or vinyl them on the appropriate support. RedBOND Composites’ aluminium composite panels are extra-flat and have a special lacquer to ensure that the inks adhere correctly to the surface. They are lightweight, so they can be placed and hung anywhere and can also be milled, so if you’re looking for even more originality with hollow finishes,

RedBOND panels are the solution you’re looking for!