Panneaux composites aluminium pour l’impression digitale et VISCOM

RedBOND panels with 100% integrated aluminium

RedBOND Composites marks a new milestone in its history with the manufacture of the first 100% integrated aluminium composite panels, controlling 100% of the entire value chain.


Thanks to significant investment projects carried out over the last two years, the aluminium used in these panels comes from aluminium scrap and surplus, which has been melted down, converted into coils, rolled into different thicknesses, lacquered, and transformed back into RedBOND panels, thus reintegrating into the production cycle.


The production of these panels has a low environmental impact, drastically reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere during the manufacturing process. On the other hand, the use of green aluminium highlights RedBOND ‘s great effort to continually innovate with new, more environmentally friendly products, promoting Recyclability and the Circular Economy.


RedBOND Composites is a reference in the VISCOM sector and once again demonstrates its commitment to the green industry by implementing sustainable practices in all its processes and products.


RedBOND, innovating to protect the environment.