Panneaux composites aluminium pour l’impression digitale et VISCOM

RedBOND Advanced printing results, just like 8K Ultra High Definition TVs

Television technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent decades. The picture quality is getting sharper and sharper, closer and closer to reality.   RedBOND Advanced panels were the first aluminium panels worldwide to be certified by HP for its latex inks due to their ink adhesion and printing performance.   The lacquer coating … Read more

RedBOND renews its Zero Waste Certificate successfully

RedBOND Composites has achieved it again and has renewed its Zero Waste Certificate!, which certifies that over 90% of the waste generated by the company is recycled and converted back into raw materials, promoting the Circular Economy model.   Thanks to obtaining this certificate, RedBOND consolidates its position as an industrial benchmark for environmentally responsible … Read more

RedBOND case of success of Continuous Improvement at Advanced Factories

Advanced Factories, world reference fair in innovation and industry 4.0, has taken place this year in Barcelona from 18 to 20 April, where all the latest trends in technological innovation for industry have been shown.   María González Armero, Manager of RedBOND Composites, a reference factory in Optimisation and Digitisation, participated in the event on 19 April … Read more

RedBOND obtains the “Reduce” certificate from the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition

RedBOND‘s great respect for the environment and its firm commitment to a green and sustainable industry continues to obtain more certificates from the highest authorities. The last one obtained has been the « Calculate & Reduce » certificate from the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition, which certifies the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.   This … Read more

We continue expanging our Advanced range! RedBOND Lite Advanced is now available!

At RedBOND we innovated and launched our exclusive Advanced range in 2020, with the development of a special high performance printing lacquer, specially designed for those customers who are looking for a much more spectacular print, better ink adhesion and stunning print results.   RedBOND Advanced was the first panel certified by the American multinational HP … Read more

RedBOND, engagé dans les ODD

RedBOND Composites, spécialisée dans la production de panneaux en aluminium pour l’impression numérique et VISCOM, est une entreprise pleinement engagée dans les Objectifs de Développement Durable, parmi lesquels figurent les suivants.   ODD 7: ÉNERGIE PROPRE ET D’UN COÛT ABORDABLE     En 2022 RedBOND vise à réduire la consommation d’énergie par unité fabriquée jusqu’à 10 %. RedBOND prévoit … Read more

RedBOND boosts mural art

RedBOND has always been characterised by its young and innovative spirit.   The trust and reliability placed by the largest European distributors has lead to a non-stop growth of RedBOND Composites, with a constant investment in people, machinery and new facilities. In 2021, the construction of a new warehouse began in order to increase our … Read more

RedBOND devient le premier fabricant européen de panneaux composite d´aluminium avec le certificat Zéro Déchet

Plus du 94% des déchets générés par l´entreprise, sont recyclés et reconvertis en matière première, promouvant le modèle d´économie circulaire et zéro pollution.   Alicante, 18 de mai. – RedBOND Composites, la filiale du groupe Alibérico basée en Alicante, spécialisé dans la fabrication de panneaux composites d´aluminium pour impression numérique, décoration d´intérieur et la signalétique, … Read more