Panneaux composites aluminium pour l’impression digitale et VISCOM

RedBOND Composites, 100% Ecofriendly

The purpose of RedBOND Composites is to take care of the people and the environment with aluminium advanced solutions.

We always have had a strict environmental policy, with great respect for our environment and people, which is guaranteed by our ISO 14001 certification.

Our main raw material, aluminium, is one of the few materials that is infinitely recyclable and does not lose its properties when it is recycled. Studies indicate that 30% of the aluminium currently in circulation comes from the 1970s.

Eco-design and eco-manufacturing have always been the main pillars of our DNA, offering aluminium composite panels that help people in their daily lives and are highly respectful with our planet. We design quality products but also take into account the stages of their life cycle, from their raw material composition, their creation at the conceptual stage, to their treatment as waste.

RedBOND‘s factory, machinery and processes are uniques in the world, capable of achieving « Zero Waste« : all materials are used to manufacture products or are recycled back into the Circular Economy. To achieve this, we have a very strict internal recycling methodology in the factory and agreements with major recyclers of aluminium, panels, plastics and wood.

In short, RedBOND Composites is committed to the circular economy, care for the environment and responsible production and consumption (SDG 12)