Panneaux composites aluminium pour l’impression digitale et VISCOM

RedBOND Advanced now available at VINK BV

RedBOND Advanced, is the world’s first and only aluminium composite panel certified by HP for latex inks. Thanks to its high-tech advanced coating, it solves any printing problem and improves incredibly traditional UV or latex technology ink adhesion to the surface.


VINK BVBA, the exclusive distributor of RedBOND products in Belgium, has completed many tests and verified the impressive printing results on RedBOND Advanced aluminium composite panels.


Now, any customer in Belgium can have a great product with RedBOND Advanced and a great service with VINK BVBA! Now you can also find RedBOND Advanced panels on VINK BVBA´S web platform. Do you want to take a look at their new video? Don’t miss it!


Make your prints vibrant, more vivid and spectacular than ever before!