Panneaux composites aluminium pour l’impression digitale et VISCOM

Image printing on RedBOND Lite

Among the many uses of RedBOND Lite, image printing has become one of the most popular. Numerous photography and decoration professionals have realized aluminum composite panels are indeed an excellent option in order to display HD images.  Light, stable and long-lasting: aluminium prints can be used anywhere – even in a bathroom or kitchen!


Many art galleries and professional photographers have chosen aluminum support as the perfect ally to obtain high-quality and long-lasting images. However, it is now the turn for everyone to profit from this discovery. More and more people want to benefit from the advantages of image display on an aluminum base. This is why Design studios have started to introduce this material in their most ambitious projects. RedBOND Lite allows professionals to print high- quality images they hadn’t dreamed of before, choosing sizes they wouldn’t have dared to ask for before. Because, RedBOND Lite aluminium composite panels are available in ANY length the customer may need in order to fulfill its project. Whith RedBOND Lite aluminium composite panels, the only limit to creativity is your own imagination!