Aluminium-Verbundplatten für den Digitaldruck und VISCOM

RedBOND reports on the initial results after the start-up of its Photovoltaic of its Photovoltaic Panels in support of sustainability and energy transition

RedBOND Composites, a leading industrial company specializing in the manufacture of aluminium composite panels for digital printing and visual communication, VISCOM, has taken a firm has taken a firm step forward in its fight to protect the environment with the environment with the financial support obtained from the European Union’s Next Generation Funds.


The company carried out the project „Installation of New Photovoltaic Panels at RedBOND„, a 100% renewable and environmentally friendly energy source that allows self-consumption of energy. This project involves the installation of a coplanar roof with a power of 445.90 kWp, made up of 980 panels of 455W, 4 inverters with of 455W, 4 inverters with a nominal power of 100 kW and an aluminium structure for their aluminium structure for its fastening.


This commitment to self-consumption renewable energy has enabled RedBOND to set significant environmental targets. This initiative is expected to avoid the emission of approximately 200 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year, which is equivalent to planting 400 trees. In addition to the environmental benefits, the company is proud to certify its commitment to the environment by achieving approximately 20% of its energy from self-consumption renewable sources.


The RedBOND initiative exemplifies how companies can play an essential role in the transition to a more environmentally friendly future. With a strong commitment to sustainability and energy transition, this company is actively contributing to reducing carbon emissions and connecting to clean energy sources.


At RedBOND we continue to care for people and the environment, for a better future.