Aluminium-Verbundplatten für den Digitaldruck und VISCOM

RedBOND celebrates

RedBOND composites is celebrating and the company certainly has a very good reason to be pleased: after only 4 months since the start-up of its factory it has already reached full capacity.

This record-breaking performance is not due to chance; RedBOND composites is a brand new company but, however, it is lucky to have an excellent technicians team with a lot of experience in the manufacture of aluminum composite panels.

RedBOND’s factory located in the south of Europe is an example of cutting-edge technology and innovative processes which render European quality products at the best price. With an experienced team, RedBOND has reached a superb balance between European quality and a very competitive price.

Distributors all around Europe are aware of the company’s excellence and industrial power and choose to trust RedBOND. We truly wish this trust is sustained in the long term in order to be able to continue satisfying the most exigent needs and breaking new records.