Aluminium-Verbundplatten für den Digitaldruck und VISCOM

RedBOND boosts mural art

RedBOND has always been characterised by its young and innovative spirit.


The trust and reliability placed by the largest European distributors has lead to a non-stop growth of RedBOND Composites, with a constant investment in people, machinery and new facilities. In 2021, the construction of a new warehouse began in order to increase our logistical and export capacity, adjacent to the current industrial building and located on one of the main roads of the Agua Amarga industrial park.


For the façade of the main avenue, RedBOND has bet for mural art, also known as Street Art; a large-scale mural that aims to display art in order to generate a positive and artistic visual impact on the environment.


For this creative project, RedBOND has relied on the design and execution of Taruga Creaciones, a young artists Spanish start-up, full of talent and social awareness that claim modern art through their unique, elegant, modern and handmade designs.. Taruga Creaciones has created works as unique as the Valencia airport mural.


The new RedBOND mural impresses with its modern, geometric and ground-breaking design, with straight lines simulating RedBOND panels, with vivid corporate and attractive colours that will not leave you indifferent. The work of art has become an artistic reference in the area.


RedBOND Composites, inspiring art.