Aluminium-Verbundplatten für den Digitaldruck und VISCOM

RedBOND, 100% European

With the creation of RedBOND, a new concept has been born: the first European low-cost aluminum composite manufacturer. This means, all of RedBOND’s products have been manufactured in Europe, therefore following the strictest European regulations. However, RedBOND’s concern for quality does not end here. RedBOND aims to maintain top quality from beginning to end. This is the reason why, it carries out a close follow-up of the production process, improving any possible aspect of its supply chain from end to end. Not only the manufacturing of the different versions of composite panels takes place in Europe, but also, all raw materials used for this purpose are exclusively European. This fact will assure customers all chemical substances included in the manufacturing of RedBOND’s panels are registered under the REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical substances).

RedBOND and the environment

Fulfilling the toughest European regulations makes RedBOND not only a safe long-lasting panel but also the environmentally friendly option for the most demanding projects. All RedBOND products are chrome-free, providing health and safety to all of your projects at the lowest prices.