Aluminium-Verbundplatten für den Digitaldruck und VISCOM

How to detect fake manufacturers

Don’t believe everything they tell you! Beware and check if your aluminum composite panel supplier is really a manufacturer or if they really import it from faraway places, which is becoming more common.

At RedBOND, we are committed to our clients and that’s why our products are manufactured under the highest quality standards and are 100% European. Our factory, located in the south of Spain, guarantees the most competitive delivery times you have seen! Any product, any size and color from our portfolio… in less than two weeks!

For these reasons other companies want to imitate us, but they can’t be like us. Some competitors sell their products as European, but they are only half-truths.

You can check personally and easily whether the products are European or not. Call your supplier and ask for a product that is not standard: a combination of colors, thickness or a length not normally stocked. If you are given a period of 8 weeks, voila! It will mean that the material is imported from faraway places with less quality, not the 2 weeks we offer with our 100% manufactured in Europe guarantee.

Don’t hesitate to check as the results will surprise you!

RedBOND Aluminum Composite Panel – 100% European Manufactured.