Aluminum Composite Panels for Digital Printing and VISCOM

Flat and Flexible, it’s possible!

RedBOND Plus is designed to fulfill those projects that require a “plus”; especially those which need the panel to be transformed by routing and bending it into a desired shape. The panel’s high resistance properties allow different types of transformations and shaping while avoiding the cracking of the edges.

Thanks to the possibility of routing and bending what is, at first sight, an extremely flat and resistant panel, we have two different products in one. No matter what your dreams and ideas are, they can be conceived with RedBOND Plus. This panel’s chameleonic personality is proven in the great number of professional applications it provides: exterior cladding of small buildings, 3D signs, logos, shop fronts, interior lining which requires to cover edges, totems, unique sculptures, and whatever is in your own mind!

If we combine the range of top-rated colors-and the even wider variety available due to customization- with the enormous possibilities RedBOND Plus offers in terms of shapes and sizes, we find ourselves immersed in a world of creativity and possibilities. With RedBOND, there are no constraints, whatever your demands are! Whatever your budget is!