Aluminum Composite Panels for Digital Printing and VISCOM

Celebrate the World Photography day with RedBOND

On August 19th , takes place the World Photography day and we believe that there is no better way to celebrate it than by printing your favorite photos on the best support.

RedBOND aluminium composite panels are the best rigid material for your printings for many reasons:

  1. They are extremely flat, which reduces the risk of breakage of the print heads, obtaining homogeneous finishes.
  2. They have a special lacquer that makes the inks adhere and are very durable, they also prevent scratching.
  3. They can be installed anywhere, they are light and resistant to water.
  4. Manufactured with the best raw materials to obtain a high quality product with the best results in photographic printing.

Photos printed on RedBOND aluminium composite panels add a touch of design and elegance, are durable and are specifically designed for digital printing applications.

Do you need more reasons to print your photos on a RedBOND? Do not wait more!